Suggestions For Displaying Giant Wooden Hang Tags
I wanted to give you all some suggestions for the new Giant Hang Tags so they will display nicely for you and not hang OVER each other.  I am sure y'all will come up with lots of ways to keep the position/angle you want them to stay in. So Once you find the angle you want them to hang in you can hold them in place by using

  • Hot Glue (watch your glue is usually HOT! lol)
  • Velcro (the sticky back kind...this stuff is usually pretty strong)
  • Nails or Screws (through the back when using thicker wood)
  • Wood Glue (clamped together while the glue dries)
Also, I used 3M Command strips to hang mine :)  I used the size that holds up to 2 lbs.  The tags you see displayed in the picture are our 7.25" x 16" size each.  I hung mine with 3 Command Strips, one for each tag and one for the bow.  Just be careful, if you are using thicker and bigger wood that you get the Command Hook in the correct weight limit for your crafted project :) Also, you don't have to use separate hangers for each tag.  I already had the command strips on my door from something else that was displayed during Christmas last year so I just used the same ones :)

One other thing is to consider when hanging the Giant Wooden Hang Tags on a door you might want to put some felt on the back side so you wont have them clanking against the door when opening and closing.  I myself would even consider Velcro...especially if you will always have them hanging from your door.

Below is a link to the stencil we used to create our project in the image
Santa's Magic Key Giant Hang Tag Stencil Set

You can find ALL of our Giant Hang Tag Stencils by clicking the link below!

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