Thank you so much for visiting our website.  The images you see on our website are graphics we have created using our design software when creating our stencils.  We use these color graphics because crafty people are very visual.  This helps get your ideas flowing and gives you an idea of what a finished product has the potential of looking like once it is stenciled and the bridges have been filled in.  "Bridges" are in all our stencils.  They are the little sections of material in the letters or images that break the image into more than one solid piece.  They hold an island in place.  Such as the letter "O".  Without a bridge the center circle of the letter "O" would fall out.  In order to keep that section we have to apply bridges.  We HIGHLY suggest you fill these bridges in using a liner brush to give your project a finished and completed look.  Every stencil artist is different in their method of stenciling.  Some use brushes and others use sponges, some fill in the bridges and others do not.  Each and every one of us will produce various results.  We cannot guarantee or be held liable for your end results when using our stencils.  Stencils that exceed size 12" x 24" such as our "Tall Porch Stencils" will have little registration marks to help you properly align your stencil onto your project.  DO NOT STENCIL the registration marks into your project.  We suggest using a pencil and make a light mark that can be easily erased.

We only sell stencils and NOT the finished products.  We do have a few blank wood cut outs that we offer on our site to help complete certain projects.  They are all described as being wood and there is no choice options for materials.  You will see there is a choice of two types of material for our stencils.  Next to the word "material" you will see a "?".  If you click on the "?" you will see a pop up window that tells you the difference between our two materials as well as the types of material we suggest for certain projects.  There is no price difference between the two materials.  We list all sizes in inches and you can find that info in the description area.  You will see both design size and overall stencil size.  The "design" size measurements would be the actual full design cutout from top to bottom and left to right at the tallest and widest points.  The only section that does NOT list the design size is our "Art Squares" and "Shelf Sitter" type stencils.  We only give the overall stencil size.  These stencils are scaled to fit within the area so we make sure that art squares do not exceed 3.25" at the largest point.  For our 2.5" x 9" shelf sitter stencils, the maximum sizes do not exceed 2" top to bottom and 8.5" left to right.

At Stencil Me In our stencils are cut AFTER you have made your purchase. We do not keep stencils in stock. Due to the nature of our business all sales are final. We do however realize things can go wrong.  Should there be a problem or a question in regards to your purchase, please call us at 703-785-9515 (toll free 888-367-8185), or email us through our "Contact Us Link", so that we can determine how to handle any issues that should come up, on a case by case basis.  Should we decide to accept your stencil for a refund, you will need to cover the cost of postage to ship your purchase back to us.  We also suggest that you purchase "delivery confirmation" and "insurance" for your package when being sent back to us.  We are not responsible for packages we do not receive.  We will refund your purchase price, minus the cost of postage as well as a 25% restocking fee.  This fee helps compensate for placing the stencil on a clearance status for a quick resale because we do not carry stock.

Clearance Stencils
We do have a small collection of stencils that are in our Clearance Category.  These stencils are already cut and any defects have been mentioned in the description.  Our Overstock collection consists of stencils that were cut on the wrong material or possibly cut too many of as well as stencils that were cut in the wrong size.  Our Slightly Damage Collection is a collection of stencils that are still usable but have a small defect or two.  The defect(s) are listed in the description tab of each product.  In most cases, but not always, an overlay replacement of the defective section is included. We also have USED stencils.  These stencils DO HAVE PAINT ON THEM!  They are not damaged unless specified. Please be very sure of your purchase as these stencil purchases are FINAL and will NOT be considered for a refund for any reason.

Wholesale Prices?
We do not offer wholesale or bulk prices for our stencils.  Since the majority of our customers are making a living through crafting signs, our prices are already geared toward a customer purchasing our stencils to make a profit from their finished products.  Wholesale purchasing is for the purpose of resale so most of our customers are not looking to resell the stencils they purchase from us. We have priced each stencil so that you should be able to make the money invested in your stencil on the sale of your first sign. For example, if you purchase a stencil for $17.99 you should be able to sell your signs made from that specific stencil for at least $17.99 and your 2nd sale of the same design should be the beginning of profit.  They are reusable and with proper care will last a very long time.

Also the purpose of wholesale is for the resale of that product or the combining of products to resell. Unless the stencil itself is being resold it would not qualify for wholesale.

whole¬∑sale  'hol?sal
noun - the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others.
adverb - being sold in large quantities to be retailed by others.
adjective - done on a large scale; extensive.
verb - sell (goods) in large quantities at low prices to be retailed by others.

Customer Tested!
Several years ago, one of our customers volunteered to keep count of how many uses she would get from one of our stencils before the need for a replacement. She purchased our "Black Cat Bed & Breakfast - Stencil #146" on our thinnest 5 mil reusable material. She advertised her finished sign in the Country Sampler Magazine as well as on her website.  She had great success with it and sold this design time and time again.  She would periodically update us regarding her use of the stencil.  Our customer's last update to us was that she had used the stencil 150 times and was no longer going to keep count.  Due to proper care and cleaning, our customer obtained several reuses from our stencil.
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