Stencil Me In offers our stencil material in both 5 and 7 mil Mylar material. A question we are asked often is “What’s the difference between 5 mil and 7 mil material”? 5 Mil Mylar Our 5 mil stencils are laser cut using a hazy white translucent Mylar material that forms well on curved and contoured surfaces. Our 5 mil stencils are strong and reusable. With proper care our 5 mil stencils will last through many uses. Since the material is thinner it does not tend to puddle which gives a cleaner crisp outline of your stenciled design. 7 Mil Mylar Our 7 mil stencils are laser cut using a clear blue material. Since this material is on the thicker side it is extremely durable. However, we do suggest using a very dry brush when stenciling with this material to ensure small puddles do not occur around the outer edges of your stenciled design. With either material it is very important to use very little paint when stenciling. If you have little blob puddles around the edges of your design and lettering, chances are you are using too much paint. Brush off some of that excess paint you have on that stencil brush onto a really good paper towel (we very highly recommend Viva Paper Towels). That will make a BIG difference to the outcome of your projects.
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